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Oliver Giroud and Celia Kay!

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Giroud confirms error but not adultery!

Oliver Giroud returned to use his Twitter account to comment on the news of a love affair with model Celia Kay at the team hotel, and on the eve of the big defeat suffered by Arsenal in Liverpool a few weeks ago.

The ‘Sunday Sun‘ published last weekend a compromising photo, apparently taken by the model, in which the French appeared only with underwear, and, that same day, the footballer assumed he was experiencing difficulties in his private life.

Now, Giroud has denied adultery, confirming that committed just one error. Celia Kay also talks about speculation and denies even being a luxury escort.

However, at the Gunners training, on the eve of yesterday’s clash against Bayern Munich, it seemed clear that Per Mertesacker and Mesut Ozil played with the way he appeared in the newspapers. Check all!

The tweets of Oliver Giroud:

“Ultimate precision with respect to my apologies … Yes I made ​​a mistake but not I have not committed adultery! Things are clear …
– Olivier Giroud ( @ _OlivierGiroud_ ) February 18 , 2014”
“I now have to fight for my family and for my club and obtain infor Their forgiveness. Nothing else matters at the moment.
– Olivier Giroud ( @ _OlivierGiroud_ ) February 16 , 2014”
“I apologize to my wife , family and friends and my manager , team- mates and Arsenal fans .
– Olivier Giroud ( @ _OlivierGiroud_ ) February 16 , 2014”

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