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Ronaldo stats in 2013

ronaldo goals numbers stats 2013

Ronaldo numbers are not from this planet!

Gary Lineker has said that, but we all already knew it. Cristiano Ronaldo is not of this planet and the numbers that he is achieving this year are far from any mortal. We have all realize already that his performance has been fantastic, which was decisive in qualifying Portugal National team for the World Cup, as has been fundamental in Real Madrid. But let’s look closely at Ronaldo numbers.

Do you know how many goals Ronaldo scored in 2013? How many hat-tricks he has in his career? How many goals scored since Sepp Blatter made ​​the controversial remarks? Surprise yourself! The answer to the last question is at the end of the text .

Read the answers:

How many goals scored Cristiano since January 2013?

In total there were 66 in 55 games (more than any team in the Premier League, and who was closer was Liverpool, with 61 goals). 56 goals were scored in Real Madrid and the remaining 10 in the Portuguese National team. These are the numbers that count for the election of the Golden Ball (although not the only criterion, of course). Divided per months, Ronaldo was more productive in September when he scored 12 but in November he finished with “only”11 goals because of an injury. The first goal Ronaldo scored this calendar year was against Real Sociedad on January 6, and the last, so far, on 23 of November against Almeria. In what concerns the National team, Ronaldo had never scored so many goals in one year, with the best two years before this had been 2004 and 2011, when he scored seven goals. Is, however, far from the 85 goals of Gerd Muller in 1972 and the 86 goals in 2012 from Messi.

How many goals Cristiano scored this season?

Since August scored 33 goals in 23 games, or 25 goals in 18 appearances for Real Madrid and 8 goals in 10 games for the national team. The first game of this cycle was the friendly between Portugal and Holland on 14 August.

How many hat-tricks Cristiano Ronaldo has in his career?

The hat-trick in Sweden was his 26th and the second at the service of Portugal (the other had been with Northern Ireland in September). Only Ronaldo and Eusébio made ​​two hat-tricks in friendlies for Portugal. In Sporting never scored three goals in one game, in Manchester United only managed for once (with Newcastle in January 2008) and in Real Madrid achieved this on 23 occasions. If we divide per years, 2011 was the most productive, with 9 hat-tricks, while in 2013 already has 8.

How many goals Ronaldo scored in official games?

402. In Sweden just crossed the 400, joining games in clubs and national team. In Sporting scored 5, at Manchester United 118 and in Real Madrid 227. In Portugal National Team he has 47 (equalizing the number of Pauleta as the best ever), to which are attached the two goals in the Olympic and three in under 21 National team.

Finally, know how many goals Ronaldo scored since Sepp Blatter made those statements in Oxford on 28 October?

14. Yes, f-o-u-r-t-e-e-n! The first three were two days later, at Seville, where he took the opportunity to welcome the FIFA President with a military gesture. In the space of twenty days Ronaldo scored 13 goals, having needed just six games. There were three hat-tricks. Scored against Sevilla (3), Rayo Vallecano (2), Juventus, Real Sociedad (3), Sweden in Portugal and again the Swedes in Stockholm (3). Ronaldo has shown that he talks and answers on the field.

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