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Ronaldo vs Messi Statistics

As Messi scored the 323 º goal for Barcelona on Tuesday, against Real Sociedad, he equaled Raúl as the second best ever scorer for a Spanish club. The Argentine is just 12 goals away of the absolute record set by Telmo Zarra in Athletic Bilbao. Another record that Messi will surely bring down before the end of the year unless an injury or other event stops him. And one more symptom that Messi is more effective than ever when Ronaldo is also in good shape. The reverse is also true, of course, as evidenced by the two goals scored by the Portuguese forward the next day in Elche. Whether or not this was the story of a rivalry that over four years, provides unprecedented numbers in the history of football in the last 50 years.

Titles aside, that there the supremacy of Barcelona and the Argentine is clear, here are some of the numbers that will make history:

1 – A rivalry that grows

Cristiano Ronaldo extended the best start of his career with the 2 goals scored in the visit to Elche on Wednesday: 13 goals in 9 games, counting with the National Team, 9 goals in 7 games only by Real Madrid. Messi does not do it worst: 12 to 9, with Argentina National Team but 10 goals in just eight games in Barcelona. Confirmation of an evidence: that the numbers of the two major phenomenal football players in the world fired in parallel, since the beginning of the 2009-10 season, when Cristiano Ronaldo moved to the Bernabeu.

Hence forth it took four seasons and a little bit more. Shoulder to shoulder comparison impresses: Between August 2009 and today, Messi goes with 243 goals in 226 official games for Barcelona (average 1.07). Ronaldo takes 210 goals in 206 games for Real Madrid (average 1.02).

More impressive still, the comparison with what was left behind: early career overshadowed by the figure of Ronaldinho, Messi numbers before 2009, were very good, but not overwhelming: 80 goals in 161 official games, one every two games. The numbers of Cristiano Ronaldo, adding the years in Sporting and Manchester United, and the times of transition between winger and forward, amounted 123 goals in 322 games (0.38 per game).

Total Messi in Barcelona
387 games, 323 goals (0.83)

Messi before Ronaldo
161 games, 80 goals (0.49)

Messi after Ronaldo
226 games, 243 goals (1.07)

Total Cristiano Ronaldo in the clubs
529 games, 335 goals (0.63)

Ronaldo before Messi
322 games, 123 goals (0.38)

Ronaldo after Messi
206 games, 212 goals (1.02)


2 – Ronaldo‘s absence weighs more at Real Madrid

The slight advantage of Messi, with over 31 goals in over 20 games, is based partly on the fact that Barcelona have participated in more competitions over this period ( European Super Cup, Super Cup and Club World Cup ) even because the parallelism extends to an unusual resistance that they demonstrate: since 2010 till now, they have always done more than 50 games per season.

But if the very low number of matches that Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have failed in the past four years is almost identical ( 26 in 252 for the Argentine, 25 in 230 for the Portuguese ), the effects of these absences on their respective teams are quite different: Barcelona lost only one of their 26 games without Messi , and even improves efficiency levels: compensating the number of goals scored with defense improvements. Real Madrid have lost 6 of 25 games without Cristiano Ronaldo, getting worst in all valuation items.

Still, the goals from Messi have more weight in the overall of Barcelona:  The 243 from the Argentine are worth 37% percent of the total Barça goals these four years, with or without Messi on the pitch. The 208 goals of Ronaldo are somewhat less: 34.3% of the total that Real Madrid scored since August 2009.

Comparing the numbers since 2009:

Barcelona with Messi:

226 games
162 victories (71.7%)
43 draws(19%)
21 defeats (9.3%)
Goals: 594 to 190 (2.63 to 0.84)

Barcelona without Messi:

26 games
23 victories (88%)
2 draws (8%)
1 defeat (4%)
Goals: 64-11 (2,46-0,42)

Real Madrid with Ronaldo:

206 games
153 victories (74%)
30 draws (15%)
23 defeats (11%)
Games: 553 to 189 (2.68 to 0.92)

Real Madrid without Ronaldo:

25 games
16 victories (64%)
3 draws (12%)
6 defeats (24%)
L : 56-33 (2.24 to 1.32)

3 – Goals of Messi are worth more points

The weight of the goals is an important data, but can distort the conclusions, particularly considering that Barcelona and Real Madrid destroy the opponents with big amounts of goals frequently. Thus, some goals are worth more than others. How to evaluate them in a balanced way? Simple: removing from the results of Barcelona and Real Madrid in the last four years, the goals from Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The transformation of victories in defeats and draws gives a measure of the effective weight of each player in the revenue of each respective team. And here the conclusions are reversed: Barcelona have the most to lose (48 victories and 23% of points) if it didn’t have the goals from Messi than Real without Ronaldo (37 victories and 20% of points).

Here’s the math:

Barcelona with Messi in the games:

226 games
162 victories (71.7%)
43 draws (19%)
21 defeats (9.3%)
Total points: 529

Without Messi goals:

226 games
114 victories (50.4%)
68 draws (30.1%)
44 defeats (19.5%)
Total points: 410 (23% lost)

Real Madrid with Ronaldo in the games:

206 games
153 victories (74%)
30 draws (15%)
23 defeats (11%)
Total points: 489

Without Ronaldo goals:

206 games
115 victories (55.8%)
47 draws (22.8%)
44 defeats (21.3%)
Total points: 392 (20% lost)

4 – A lot more is what unites them…

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi have much more in common than what their most extremist supporters like to admit. Resistance, for example: both were in almost 90 percent of their games and both Ronaldo and Messi play like 90 (or 120) minutes more than 80 percent of the time. Messi completed 189 of his 226 games in this period, while Cristiano Ronaldo was full-time in 175 of the 206 times he entered in a match.

Another common point is reliability: Messi has scored in 141 of his 226 games (62%). The percentage of Cristiano Ronaldo is exactly the same: scored 129 goals in 206 games (63%). In these four years, the maximum number of games in a row that they were without scoring was five. Cristiano Ronaldo lived this dry period between May and September 2010, between the first and the second season at Real. Messi had already gone through the same, without scoring in five games in May 2010.

In what refers to games scoring in a row, the Argentine takes advantage, he had a sequence of 16 goals in ten consecutive games between December 2012 and January 2013. Cristiano Ronaldo has already succeeded twice, series of eight games, scoring 14 goals in the best of them, between September and October 2012.

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